Week #372

Friday again, Linking Paths week #372 comes to an end.

We have continued working on our projects and we’re one step closer to the first production-ready version of Bazaar and Verkami's sideproject. As usual, we have been working with Stage's customer to make their life easier and finishing a new feature for Eingang, Stage’s check-in app. Starting next week, our customers will be able to create eingang-only users.

The Europa League’s final match we talked about 2 weeks ago was played, and Bilbao’s team was painfully defeated by Atletico de Madrid. Well, we’ll have better luck next time!

My lecture recommendation for this weekend is Tom Howard’s Reality check: part 1. It’s pretty long for blog’s standards, so be sure you reserve more than five minutes to read it completely. Even if all the VC-related stuff doesn’t apply to you, like it doesn’t to us, I think it’s a really interesting lecture since I can identify myself in many parts of the story. We have also go through all the fears, doubts and uncertainty for the past 3-4 years. In fact, we are still there, you are always there while trying to build something by your own.

Have a nice weekend.

May 11, 2012 0 0 Share this